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Is Your Restaurant Properly Insured?

Restaurant owners invest a great deal of money into their operation, as a restaurant is a valuable business asset. The costs involved in installing cooking fixtures, correct venting, guest areas, and computer systems is significant. Once purchased and installed, you want to protect these assets should an unexpected event such as a fire, break-in, or flood occur. Restaurant insurance is essential, and it must be... Read Article

Gardening in Bloom: Tips to Beautify Your Home with a Garden

If you are looking to increase the aesthetic value of your home, it is important you take the time and effort to make improvements that do not add significant, long-term costs to you or future owners of the home. Having a garden filled with flowers, plants or even vegetables and herbs is one of the most cost-effective ways to beautify your home and add to its beauty... Read Article

A Few (Very) Last-Minute Ideas for National Employee Appreciation Day

Did you know that today is National Employee Appreciation Day? If not, chances are you probably don’t have anything in the works when it comes to showing your gratitude for your hardworking employees. No need to fret–just consult the list below. It’ll give you some ideas that you can pull together on the fly (i.e. today). Read the source article at Read the full... Read Article

Eight Reasons Why You Need to Review Your Business Insurance Coverage

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business and you want to help keep it safe. Business insurance helps to ensure that all you’ve invested in your business is protected in case of a covered accident, disaster, disruption or emergency. The Risks Unfortunately, not having the appropriate amount of insurance (underinsurance) can be an issue for many business owners. Another common pitfall... Read Article

(Bitter) Sweet 16 Series: One Mom’s Drive to Survive, Part I

Well it happened – my daughter Maddi recently celebrated her Sweet 16. Personally, I see nothing sweet about it. They’re already sassy little people and now we introduce the idea that they’re capable and mature enough to operate a 4,000-pound vehicle? On real roads? Next to pedestrians? And other moving vehicles? Help! Maddi already knew the cards were stacked against her since I work for... Read Article


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